Buying a Home

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If you are buying a home in Kansas City or elsewhere, enlist us to help you avoid the complications often involved in the home buying process. The mortgage planners at FirsTrust Mortgage, now Guaranteed Rate based in Kansas City are ready to help you prepare for buying a home successfully.

Have the Experts on Your Side

Buying a HomeYou deserve a partner who has your best interest in mind when you are buying a home. At FirsTrust Mortgage, now Guaranteed Rate, we are aware of market trends, local real estate conditions, and mortgage planning strategies not only in Kansas City, but around the country. We will use our knowledge to help you determine the plan of action that is best for you. Our goal is to help you meet your goals in the most reasonable and effective manner, and to help you in buying a home that you want! Our mortgage planners work with you to skillfully select the right strategy.

We’re here from beginning to end

At FirsTrust Mortgage, now Guaranteed Rate, we do more than simply provide a loan for you when you are buying a home. We will help analyze your current financial situation. If your credit score is low, our professionals can help you restructure debt and balances to improve your score. We will establish the appropriate amount you can afford to spend when you are buying a home. A Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist based in Kansas City will help you determine which of the various loans we offer is right for you.