FirsTrust employees demonstrating a passion for helping others in our community.

FirsTrust Mortgage is proud to support the following organizations through F.I.R.S.T.

The idea of FIRST is to take FirsTrust to the next level of commitment and further demonstrate our passion for helping people.

F.I.R.S.T. stands for FirsTrust Inspiring Real Service Today. As an outreach-minded group, we want to not only participate in aiding the community, but through our actions, motivate others to do the same. As we express to each other, our families, friends, customers, and our listeners about the aid and the impact we make in these organizations, our hope is that they will follow suit and “pay it forward” by getting involved in a charity or organization that they are passionate about.

Whether it is a donation of physical resources such as clothing, funds to support research, or labor intensive work, these are all avenues in which people are in need. We want to aid the public- not in just one area of service, but the multiple opportunities there are within the community.


SAFEHOME’s mission is to break the cycle of domestic violence and partner abuse for victims and their children by providing shelter, advocacy, counseling and prevention education in our community.


Ozanam represents more than 65 years of providing the best quality services to thousands of children and families who need it most. On its main campus in South Kansas City, Ozanam has grown from a single-service boys’ home into a multi-service treatment center offering both residential and educational day treatment programs for boys and girls ages 12 to 18.

Operation Breakthrough

Operation Breakthrough is the largest single-site early education child care and social services facility in the state of Missouri serving over 400 children daily from the urban core. The mission of Operation Breakthrough is to help children who are living in poverty develop to their fullest potential by providing them a safe, loving and educational environment. Operation Breakthrough also strives to support and empower the children’s families through advocacy, referral services and emergency aid.

Habitat for Humanity

Home ownership represents the essence of the American Dream. It also represents the single largest investment most people make in their lifetimes. Yet for too many people the American Dream is just that; a dream they will never realize because their income is too low to qualify through conventional means to purchase a home. Habitat for Humanity believes to break the cycle of poverty low income families need their income spent on housing to serve two purposes: provide a decent, affordable place to raise a family and build wealth through home ownership.

Heart to Heart Int’l

Heart to Heart International has been creating a healthier world since 1992. Their mission is to improve global health through initiatives that connect people and resources to a world in need. Through their mobilization efforts, they provide medical education, deliver medical aid, respond to people in crisis and address community-health concerns around the globe.